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Did you know

Physical performance is driven by mental poise and strength of mind alongside inner belief…. So don’t let people tell you it’s all about physical practice – that’s something anyone can do.

Did you know that 1 hour of mental rehearsal is equivalent to 7 hours of physical exertion?

Any athlete can spend 4 to 6 hours physically or more per day mastering their chosen sport, not ‘every’ athlete can win. The winners are determined by the differences in their ‘thoughts’ and their ‘beliefs’ which are governed by their ‘mind.’ Call it unfair, call it ‘woo woo’ or call it crazy… it’s true and… so are the results you can experience when you take control of that one thing that has failed many in the past… their minds!


A word from Stuart

Thank you soo much for getting this far to have a look at the Athlete’s Secret Weapon online program.

This program exists to help athletes, like yourself to achieve all that you can.
With Sport being 80-90% mental, every athlete needs to be doing some level of mind coaching to be competitive or to dominate your sport.
If you are not, then expect to be inconsistent and just understand, you are leaving success to chance. Peak physical condition is not enough these days.
I say this with confidence because I was there, I have the broken bones and bruises to show for my elite sports career… well not a career because I did not get paid! I was working full time, married and travelling away 2 weeks per month. Not exactly the best training conditions or focus needed for success in today’s competitive environment. Read Stuart’s story

What’s included

8 weeks of intense and actionable mind power tools which will get you from where you are to well on your way to sporting success

  • Broken down digestible, bite sized chunks of information and homework in between sessions
  • Access to the same tools that world champions have ‘secretly’ utilised for a decade.
  • A unique set of processes that Stuart has developed for fast, deep and long lasting change. These processes have been created and fine-tuned over the last 10 years and you will not get these anywhere else.
  • MP3 downloads, processes and videos delivered directly to your inbox every week
  • All accessible to you wherever you happen to be in the world
  • Ability to add face to face programs and individual recordings for your specific and personal requirements.
  • I have also integrated an Athlete Awareness Program for tracking your improvements.

This program covers the equivalent of 5 face to face sessions with Stuart at ¼ of the price.

What you’ll be working on

Immediate on sign up
Awareness, without awareness, nothing changes! This gives you an idea of how the mind works and why it does what it does!

Week 1
All about you, now is the time to make a decision for you and take control of that one thing you can control… YOU!
Week 2
Limitations, what limits our potential Change, how do I and how long does it take? Emotions, how to manage them and change them to benefit you!

Week 3
Potential resources, everything you need to be successful is within you now, how do you access this? How to set an “In the zone” switch that allows you to turn on and off when needed!

Week 4
Target, why are you doing all this training and competition for??? This powerful process alone changes lives!

Week 5
Programs, what are the programs you are running? What programs would you like to run?

Week 6
Training, imagine training 6 hours a night as you are sleeping. Improving technique and repairing injuries!

Week 7
The introduction of the Evashaw Athlete Awareness Program. The ultimate awareness program that allows you to supercharge this 8 week program and it will allow you to track your improvements in the areas you need.

Week 8
Celebrating, motivation is not possible without a destination, this is a time to celebrate and reflect on the future based on what you have now experienced.

Obviously I can’t guarantee you will be a winner just by going through all this material and applying it – it will certainly give you the tools and allow you to unlock your own inner potential to go forth and WIN. You have what it takes to perform the best you can today. Even if you just compete at this level all the time, your results would be awesome.

As I mentioned before hard work isn’t enough…. not just in the physical realm, pushing through a form slump just does not work because you are training your body and mind at an ineffective level. Apply your mind to full effect and you’re as close as you possibly can be to unlocking the winner within you.

Your first step is in front of you… opportunities come and go! You found your way here for a reason, what are you going to do with it?

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