A word from Stuart

A word from Stuart

Thank you soo much for getting this far to have a look at the Athlete’s Secret Weapon online program.
This program exists to help athletes, like yourself to achieve all that you can.

With Sport being 80-90% mental, every athlete needs to be doing some level of mind coaching to be competitive or to dominate your sport. If you are not, then expect to be inconsistent and just understand, you are leaving success to chance. Peak physical condition is not enough these days.

I say this with confidence because I was there, I have the broken bones and bruises to show for my elite sports career… well not a career because I did not get paid! I was working full time, married and travelling away 2 weeks per month. Not exactly the best training conditions or focus needed for success in today’s competitive environment.

Results shown at the recent Rio Olympics are testament to the need to have the ability to perform under pressure.

I am a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and I have competed and won at State and National Tournaments, I know if I committed to my dream I would have been selected to the Olympics, if only I had my head in the right space and had this program at the time. If only I knew I have this natural ability to transform average athletes into World Champions… what would I have achieved?

Anyway… life got in my way and so did a sport ending injury to my knee! You may think this is sad story… it was for me, for you this is the greatest thing that ever happened. I found my way here and have created this amazing program on line program for you.

This program is for you… To save all the emotional heartache and so you do not have to go through the inconsistencies I had, so you do not have to deal with the fears and uncertainty that I did and so that you do not experiences the lows of sport as I did, and as most athletes do following their sporting lives ceasing.
For 10 years following my 3 knee surgeries, I had a life that I will not share here (because no one knows and I do not want anyone to know) to say I was in a dark place was an understatement.

The great thing resulting from this dark time in my life will help you. I have 35 years of sports experience including 10 years as a professional ‘mind coach’ for some of the greatest athletes in the world hence the reason I share this knowledge and program with you now.

To quote a European soccer superstar I work with… ‘you are the best in the world’ I have withheld his name for confidential reasons, just as you may decide to keep me a ‘Secret’ after you get amazing results quickly.
32 World Champions (@ August 2016) choose to work with me for 1 reason… results.

If you value results and have a dream to achieve in sport, then let’s get you started. With distance no longer an issue, I have developed and fine- tuned this on-line 8 week program over the last 10 years into what it is today and is proven to deliver results, this is more powerful that a face to face session with another hypnotherapist with no sports background.

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Every athlete needs to be doing some level of mind coaching to be competitive or dominate in their sport.This program is 8 weeks of intense and actionable mind power tools which will get you from where you are to well on your way to sporting success
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