About Stuart

My mission is to empower people. To think, believe and behave in a way that empowers others.

Stuart Walter

I’m a Hypnosis and NLP master, and I happen to LOVE sport. Since 2006, I have served as a Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist NLP Practitioner. Throughout my career I have developed renowned systems and strategies that accelerate some lasting transformations throughout Australia and across the globe.

Today, my passion has seen me work with elite athletes and sports coaches, ambitious business professionals and leaders, and individuals who are searching for the best version of themselves! My sporting clients include Olympians, National, Commonwealth and 32 World Champions. Over my career I have assisted a collection of professional golfers, footballers from every code, surfers, netballers and motorsport drivers and professional sporting teams. I also work in all areas of life so when it comes to weight management, eating, smoking, past life traumas, motivation, fears phobias and fertility, I can also assist.

I am only willing to work personally with those who are committed to change and success.

Professional Success

  • Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Australia’s No. 1 for Sports Hypnotherapy
  • Published author of ‘The Dear Diary Process’ book
  • Creator of the ‘Meta 4 Kids’ program
  • Co-creator of the FitMind program
  • Presenter and speaker
  • CEO of Global Mind Mastery
  • Vice President of the National Hypnotherapy Association
  • 32 World Champions… and counting!

Key Clients

  • Many of the Canterbury Bulldogs NRL team
  • Nick Cullen, winner of the Australian Masters Golf tournament in 2014
  • Brittany Broben, Silver medal win at the 2012 Olympics
  • Members of the South Logan Magpies Rugby League
  • Fiona Cullen, 2010 National 100m Sprint and 100m hurdle Champion
  • The Australian World Champion Down Syndrome Swim Team
  • Kelly Norris, 2012 U/18 Boys Qld State Surfing Champion
  • Chris Watson, No 1 ranked U20 400m hurdler in Australia
  • Maxine Seear, Former World #1 female triathlete and 2004 Olympian
  • And a plethora of international champions that want to remain anonymous because of their success… and their secret is…. Stuart!

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