Bronze Program

$2500 + GST

Recommended for athletes who are committed to continual development at any age.
To be started after the Competitive Edge Program. You will get 12 x 60min sessions (over the year).

The Competitive Edge Program delivers you as the new competitor… this program is about building on the results. In the Bronze Program sessions, we ‘future pace’ you, we focus on the future and arm you with the tools and motivation to continue your success.
This is the preventative maintenance for your mind. Regular visits will keep you on track and when you are ‘on a roll’ this is when you need to keep coming back as you will begin to experience life at different level.

This new level of success will bring about a new awareness of those around you, Bronze is the 1st step up to empowerment, you will be given the resourses to pre-arm you for potential situations, both good and bad.


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