The Competitive Edge Program

$849 + GST

This program is a stand- alone program, no prerequisites, although it can be a lead in to the Bronze, Silver and Gold Programs.

Initially we have had the consultation and now 3 additional sessions designed to get deeper into your mind to create change and then integrate this into your new life.

The unconscious part of our mind will generally continue to process this information between sessions and integrate these changes over the following 7-10 days.
This is a set system and individually tailored to your specific needs.

Each of the following session is 60 mins and 1 week between each.
Additional sessions are available if required for $250+ GST unless you advance to a program.

These 3 sessions we specifically alter habits, beliefs and behaviours.
We discuss the results experienced and deepen the changes to release your potential.
Once you commit to this ‘Competition Program’, you must attend all sessions no longer than 10 days apart. With the unique way I work, at times after this first session, may result in inner conflict as your mind continues to process. This is a normal reaction and all part of the change process.
The Consultation creates shifts in thoughts and actions and during the following sessions we deepen these to become new automatic responses.

Please note, your internal thought processes will determine your results, we may need to add an existing 4th session or even have necessary follow ups every few months if deemed beneficial in your situation.


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