$365 + GST

The 90 min consultation allows me to be understanding of your individual situation.

We look at where you want to be, what has been limiting you and what needs to be resolved in order to allow your potential to be achieved.

Any athletes under the age of 18 must be accompanied at all times with a parent, and it is pretty cool for the parent to be able to see how things happen.

The Consultation is not just about awareness, we get to begin the process to get you to your potential. We will integrate NLP and Hypnotherapy throughout this consultation to give you the experience of how easy … and relaxing success can be.

This Consultation is about direction, managing nerves and fears and we then get your peak level of performance set. This consultation itself will have 95% of athletes performing better than ever!

You will be provided with details on how to get your ‘The Dear Diary Process’ Ebook as homework and as a tool to assist you on your journey, this process alone is transforming lives around the world… overnight!


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