What is Hypnosis?

There are many varied definitions of Hypnosis and the “Trance State”, basically it is a mental state that is different to the one normally experienced. It is somewhere between awake and asleep. This level will vary with every session we have.

Hypnosis is a state where attention is turned inwards and in which conscious awareness of the ‘real’ world changes and where emotions connected to experiences separate and be re-experienced in a new way to create an amazing feel of freedom and control. It is in this state, with the conscious awareness distracted that the deeper levels of the mind can be accessed and motivated to change in a way that is perfectly safe, natural and drug free.
Daydreaming is a form of trance… The body must have these trance states many times daily in order to refocus, normally after a period of physical or mental activity. Remember arriving at work but then you remember not having driven there? These are examples of Hypnotic trance. You are still in control of your mind but somehow time has passed. It is a natural form of relaxing.

What is NLP?

NLP is Neuro Linguistic Programming. These are a collection of processes that have been modelled on those who achieve consistently high results. NLP is like hypnosis with your eyes open. NLP is a very powerful communication tool and as communication is only 7% words, I will be busy working on the 93% non verbal, tone and gestures.

  • Neuro: being brain.
  • Linguistic: being language and communication
  •  Programming: is the programs we run

Understanding and working with these 3 determines our outcome.

I use NLP processes at the hypnotic level and this is where the magic happens…creating the changes and improvements you are after.

Does the Hypnotherapist Control You?

In as much as you allow yourself to go into a (relaxed state) you are in control, the hypnotherapist is a facilitator only. You are the one that controls the experience, it is the ownership of the experience that gives results.

Can I be made to do a stupid thing?

This question is the most commonly asked!

Stage hypnosis gives people the opportunity to expand their normal behaviour, they are also not changing habits, behaviours or beliefs!

What you see on stage is real and I can do it! Think of it like a Dolphin, trainers get them to expand their normal behaviours with a trigger, in the dolphin’s case, a whistle.

I can also set this trigger based response with you to respond to specific sporting triggers (a starting gun, stepping on the line for tennis or football) with full concentration and instantly ‘in the zone’ … yep, that easy!

I take people doing ‘stupid things’ and get them to do ‘amazing things’ the process is very similar yet you are aware of subtle changes as they happen.

Hypnotherapy is using hypnosis as therapy.

What Does it feel like?

To understand it you have to experience it yourself. It ranges between being fully aware thinking you can get up and walk away to a deep deep trance almost on the verge of sleep. Even if you sleep it works!!!

Every session will feel different as you access different levels of your mind and different level of awareness.
Be assured that you can open your eyes at any time and the trance is broken… you are in total control. However if you open your mind to the experience it is amazing.

Is hypnosis dangerous?

If used unethically or inexpertly, yes. That is why it is necessary to find a Hypnotherapist, like myself, who is part of an association, who is bound by a code of ethics and has the qualifications. You must also select someone that you feel confident with and makes you feel comfortable, this is crucial, as you generally open up to this person.

The reason we have the consultation is so that you are comfortable with me helping you and also it is for me to determine if I am the person to help you. If I feel I am not the best person to help or that you may not be ready to progress.

How long does it last for?

For kids under 14 generally when we get the results for an issue we are done! This may be 1 session, although the 2nd is recommended to deepen the improvements and again, we will track the results and get them back in if needed.

For Adults, the outcomes can be as immediate. It is your inner processing methods that determine the speed of the outcome. For emotional people they generally hold the change until the start of the programs where we make the ‘new’… automatic. For highly analytical people, it may not be until the 2nd of the specific sessions that you experience change and it may be more subtle than for emotional people.

After the consultation, if you have not experienced immediate change yet, just relax as the mind may be integrating the changes slowly and it may take a few days to cut in, generally the main processing is between day 3 and 5.

You will definitely have a greater awareness of what you are doing and it is this that will allow improvements and integration to continue for up to 10 days.

The sessions following the consultation is where we go deeper to access different levels of processing providing long term change. At times you may only experience the shift for a few days after the sessions… this is normal.

After the consultation and 3 sessions (the Competitive Edge Program) the changes and improvements will hold. Remember, habits are created and destroyed all the time, keep doing the right stuff continuously the right way and you are done! Remember, habits are created and destroyed over time so, as life continues so will issues that need to be resolved. If you feel you need to come back and deal with other actions, habits and life’s issues… just give me a call.

What can Hypnotherapy be used for?

To improve in all areas of health and wellbeing, Hypnotherapy and NLP has a far greater reach than just the smoking and weight loss that people imagine.

Sports performance is my passion… yet just a small part of the overall list of issues I have successfully treated with Hypnotherapy and NLP. So if anyone you know who is not an athlete, I can also still assist or refer them to someone who may be better suited. Additional to the main issues targeted for you, secondary gains will be noticed in many areas.

Secondary gains are noticed without directly targeting them for example better sleeping, more positive outlook, brighter future, memory recall, confidence and motivation generally all increase in each client as a wonderful by product of the Hypnotherapy process.

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