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You are the one that controls the experience, it is the ownership of the experience that gives results.

Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls used hypnosis as a part of their winning formula towards 6 NBL Championship titles.
So what is hypnosis? It can be a described as the “Trance State” – a mental state that is different to the one normally experienced. It is a state where attention is turned inwards and where conscious awareness of the ‘real’ world changes. It is in this state that the deeper levels of the mind can be accessed and motivated to change in a way that is perfectly natural.

Key philosophy

Stuart’s philosophy is simple; everyone already possesses the skills and the ability to achieve their dreams. So what’s holding them back? Our minds can sometimes betray us, allowing fears, doubts and emotions to cloud judgment and performance. By harnessing these powerful tools, you can discover, release and encourage the real ‘you’. This is Stuart’s calling, to change lives.

The subconscious mind controls 90% of the actions and behaviors we carry out, Stuart is able to have an athlete utilize this part of the mind & reduce [the] barriers that hold…[them] back from obtaining excellent results.>

Nam Baldwin, strength and conditioning coach for MICK FANNING (world no 1 surfer)

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