Silver Program

$5000 + GST

Recommended for athletes who are at the elite level or just breaking through, short of guaranteeing success, we will be very close with this if you have the ability, skill and potential to achieve at the highest level.
1 session and 1 phone check in per month over the next year.
This option commences after the Competitive Edge Program (if you have not chosen Bronze or Gold). Payment plans are available if required.

Silver is precious, it is on the verge of success and major breakthrough and is in the realm of the Elite. This program delivers amazing results because it is the regular contact and ownership that combines to keep the momentum rolling.
Persistence in a positive mindset keeps the thoughts, actions and responses all working for you.
The Silver Program combines monthly sessions and alternate fortnightly calls to discuss the results and set new automatic responses that are future beneficial. We also begin the journey to load you with the knowledge and the tools to be able to manage the bulk of your potential issues by yourself.

At this level, I allow recording of sessions, phone, email access, and many more benefits.

Additional options are also available including Interstate and International sessions, treatments, personal specific recordings and touring contracts, and upgrade to Gold when you are ready and invited.

This program is via invitation only, I am selective with who I work with and I will be committing a huge amount of time and energy to ensure you achieve.


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